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Amazing results from 'DEXSIL' -
Bio Activated Organic Silicium!

What is Bio-Activated Organic Silicium?

Silicon is a natural element needed by the human body for many processes. When it is bio-activated, as it is with Dexsil products, it is able to penetrate the skin to form collagen, the skin’s natural scaffolding, and also elastin, which keeps the skin supple. No other product can create collagen in this way. As humans age, the amount of silicon they have decreases.

What does Bio-Activated Organic Silicium do?

*It reduces and prevents lines and wrinkles.

By being able to penetrate the deeper layers of the skin, Dexsil Bio-Organic Silicium helps produce collagen and elastin naturally. Collagen plumps cells with hydration so the skin becomes fresh and hydrated. In younger skin, it can prevent wrinkles from forming. In mature skin, winkles will decrease and the skin will become firmer and younger looking. Bio-activated organic silicium comes in both a liquid, taken each morning, and a range of gels aimed at different ailments.

*It Reduces Inflammation

Bio-activated Organic silicium also combats and reduces pain and inflammation, whether from rheumatoid or osteo-arthritis, injury or any other source of inflammation.

How Do You Take It?

Bio-Activated Organic Silicium comes in both a liquid, taken each morning, and a range of gels aimed at different ailments. As well as bio-activated organic silicium, each gel contains additional ingredients to treat the particular problem.

The best results are from both drinking the Articulation liquid and also using the appropriate gel.

Drink Articulation liquid each morning. To start with, this must be taken three times a day!

Apply the appropriate gel 3 times a day on the affected and surrounding area on cleansed, damp skin avoiding the eyes.

What conditions can it help?...See below!

Silicium Face & Body Gel
Skin - Dehydrated skin
Wrinkles, sagging skin anywhere on the face and body.

- Products: Face & Body Gel & Silicium Liquid

- Drink Silicium Liquid each morning.
- Apply Silicium Face & Body Gel 3 times a day on cleansed, damp skin avoiding the eyes.
- Use a good cream with SPF on top of the gel.

Silicium Liquid

Inflammation and general pain, arthritis, rheumatism.

- Drink Articulation Liquid each morning.
- Apply Articulation Gel 3 times a day on the affected and surrounding
area on damp skin.

Muscular pain, cramp, stiff muscles.

- Drink Articulation liquid each morning.
- Apply Sport Gel 3 times a day on the affected and surrounding area on damp skin.

Broken vein, capillaries, poor circulation and lymph drainage.

- Drink Articulation liquid each morning. Products: Articulation liquid; Vein gel.
- Apply Vein gel 3 times a day on the affected and surrounding area on damp skin.

Turkey’ neck and crepy bust area Product:

- Bust gel. Apply Bust Gel 3 times a day on the affected and surrounding area on damp skin.

Fat around middle, hips, thighs, upper arms. Product: Silhouette gel.

- Apply Silhouette Gel 3 times a day to the affected and surrounding area on damp skin.

Skin pigmentation From the sun, liver and age spots anywhere on the face and body.

- Product: Pigmentation Gel. Apply Pigmentation gel 3 times a day on the affected and surrounding area on damp skin.

When Travelling. Product: Light Legs gel

- Apply Light Legs Gel on the affected and surrounding areas on damp skin.

Brittle, flaking, dry nails. Product: Nail gel.

- Apply Nail Gel 3 times a day without nail polish.

Asthma, snoring, sinus and breathing problems

- Apply Breathing Gel 3 times a day on the chest, between shoulder blades and near nose on damp skin.

Acne and spots anywhere on the face and body.

- Apply Spot Gel 3 times a day on the affected and surrounding area on damp skin.

Loose, Sagging skin anywhere on face, body, Weak Bones, Veins in need of maximum results "Fransil liquid & gel" is proven to effectively strengthen the following: Bones, broken vein & capillaries, Teeth & gum, nails and hair. The liquid is Silicium liquid with added minerals: copper, zinc, manganese. The Fransil gel is Silicium gel with added minerals: copper, zinc, manganese, cobalt. Note: Cobalt is not used in the Fransil liquid because of regulatory restrictions (cobalt is Not allowed in food supplement). The 4 minerals: copper, zinc, manganese, cobalt all play a crucial role as antioxidant and help cells to fight against reactive oxygen species. Manganese and copper increase collagen synthesis firm the skin and allow the body to naturally generate collagen. These 2 products effectively hydrate, firm, plump cells all over with Collagen. Osteoporosis is improved drastically. Vein and Capillaries are strengthened. Nails grow stronger and faster. Hair becomes healthy and strong from its root. Directions for use: Drink Vitasil/Dexsil Fransil Liquid 15ml each morning, 15 ml in the middle of day, 15 ml before sleep. Therefore, 45 ml a day for 7 days. Thereafter, only 15ml before Breakfast. Apply Fransil gel 2 twice a day on cleansed damp skin, avoiding the eyes. Use a good cream on top of the gel to provide environmental protection.


Human beings obtain the main part of their Silicium at birth, from their mother. Pregnant women transfer the bulk of their Silicium to their baby at birth.

Babies use the Silicium to grow up, build muscles, bones, and become a complete human being. Human being looses Silicium daily through urine, perspiration and we can not easily top it up from food, vegetable, fruit, vitamin or any other sources.


  1. General pain, inflammation in body occurs. Some people are diagnosed with Arthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis. Others, suffer from less mobility, aches and pain.
  2. Bones, veins, nail become brittle, dry. Some people are diagnosed with osteoporosis. Hair becomes dry and falls out gradually.
  3. Skin all over face, body becomes dehydrated and fine lines become visible. If not looked after, these fine lines, will turn Into wrinkles.
  4. Generally, the above points are the general ageing process. Our creator, has meant for us to get old in the above manner.


Since 1960 scientists discovered the benefits of Silicium for the human body. They tried to produce this molecule in pills, lotions and powders, but none of them were absorbed effectively the human body. They went straight through the body. 20 years ago, EU government gave grant to a Belgian laboratory Dexsil laboratories to produce the smallest form of Silicium Molecule that is Bio activated. By drinking the liquid and applying the gels, the human body absorbs the Silicium molecule and this results in many benefits for the body. The key phrase is Absorption.

The benefits of absorbing the Silicium molecule are:

  1. Inflammation, Pain, Mobility: The Silicium molecule naturally, reduces any form of inflammation and prevents future inflammation. This includes post accident, post surgery Inflammation. Arthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis. When the inflammation reduces, pain reduces and mobility increases. Pain killers cover the pain for maximum 3 hours. The cause of the pain is still there and the patient will not be cured. Instead, they will need more pain killers and eventually, they can become addicted to them. Silicium Molecule reduces and prevents future inflammation which results In the recovery of patient, without drugs.
  2. Osteoporosis, broken vein, Weak nail, hair: The absorption of Silicium molecule, allows the human body to rebuild bone, vein, nail and strengthen the hair that is already there. Silicium overcomes Osteoporosis, Broken vein / capillaries. The first signs are stronger nails.
  3. Wrinkles, dehydration, loose skin: Human body naturally generates collagen everywhere, after absorbing The Silicium molecule. Collagen is a protein that holds the body together. At present, they only way to insert collagen under skin, is by injection. This is generally done to face, neck and results can last up to 4 months. The injection will not benefit all the body. Drinking the Bio Activated Organic Silicium liquid and applying the gels allow the human body to naturally generate its own Collagen everywhere. Wrinkles will be visibly reduced and in younger people they are delayed. Cells become plump with collagen and hydrated. Skin all over feels fresh, plump and hydrated.
  4. Locomotive Effect: Silicium Molecule has the ability to carry other ingredients with it into the depth of the body. This is called Locomotive property and allows In Articulasil /Articulation liquid the penetration and absorption of Glucosamine, MSM, Chondrotine into the body. The result is reduction of inflammation, pain and increase in mobility. Applying the Silicium gel on face, neck followed by beauty serums means the serums are carried deep into the cells and activated. Any product used with Silicium molecule is carried deep into the body, absorbed close to 100% and activated. The human body will get close to 100% benefit from it.
  5. Equilibrium of Cells: Silicium molecule balances anything that is out of balance in human body. Human being is made up of billions of cells and each cell has a negative and positive charge. When human gets ill, the charge in cells goes out of balance. Drinking the Silicium liquid brings the cells into equilibrium. Many diseases are improved by drinking the liquid and applying the gels.


Dexsil Laboratory has 2 brands called: Vitasil and Dexsil. Bio-activated Organic Silicium which is the clear liquid in a green bottle is a general preventative product and is excellent for increasing the overall level of silicium (Latin for Silicon) in the body. This has the effect of increasing collagen production, calming inflammation, providing anti-oxidants and strengthening cartilage and connective tissue. This is usually prescribed to clients that aren't suffering from any major medical problems such as arthritis, osteoporosis, cartilage issues, connective tissues or general joint stiffness.

For any of the patients suffering from the previous conditions, we recommend the Articulasil MSM, Glucosamine, Chondroitin in liquid and gel formats. This is the silicium liquid as described above but with the added ingredients mentioned. The gel format is silicium gel with the same added ingredients. The effectiveness of the MSM etc, is increased for two reasons. One, they are in a soluble form and two, the silicium molecule has the ability to link itself to the molecules of the added ingredients and 'carry' them, much like a railway engine pulling carriages, deep into the source of inflammation thereby increasing the their effectiveness. So, the silicium itself starts to repair the underlying issue while the added ingredients help to ease the discomfort whilst reconstruction is taking place.

Anyone over 50 and who has severe discomfort should continue with three 15ml doses per day. Under 50's with less severe problems can reduce this to 15ml per day once the pain has reduced.

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