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Real Testimonials from customers
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Please note. Princess Soraya Salon certifies that the following testimonials are bona-fide,
were completely unsolicited and the originals are retained at our company office.

Mrs J.G

Face & Eyes & Neck Treatments

Superlative Capuccini Products!

When I tell people I am 64 they cannot believe it
because the skin on my face looks so good. Now, it doesn’t have any lines, wrinkles or age spots and my neck no longer looks like it belongs to a turkey. I honestly look like a woman in her fifties – ten years younger than I am. This is all thanks to perfectionist beautician Firouzeh Ahari at the Princess Soraya Beauty Salon, who I have been seeing for about 4 years and now visit once a week. Over the years, she has been giving me filler treatments for lines and wrinkles, whitening treatment to get rid of brown age spots and non-surgical face lifts to bring up sagging jaw and neck muscles. On top of that, I use the superlative Capuccini products which she sells, including a miraculous serum and deeply nourishing creams. Firouzeh Ahari works extremely hard to achieve RESULTS, which makes her the best beautician I have ever seen.”

From: Mrs H. L S
16:20 Wed,
6 Oct, 2010

Face & Eyes & Neck Treatments

The Princess Soraya Salon uses sophisticated machinery!

"I started going to the Princess Soraya Salon 5 years ago
when I was 57 years old and I now look 52! The range of treatments have followed my physical state and I have tried non surgical lifting on my neck and face, fillers, hydration, chromolight and whitening. All treatments and courses have yielded excellent results. The Princess Soraya Salon uses sophisticated machinary for lifting and inducing entry of substances which is non surgical but very effective with immediate results. The range of products on offer is very extensive and are used to compliment and enhance the treatments undergone. These products are from Germaine de Cappucini, Mary Cohr and Gatineau. The Princess Soraya Salon has a very holistic approach to mental and physical wellbeing above what is normally offered. The salon is clean well run and very private. It is truly a wellbeing and therapeutic experience."

From HLS

Products used: Dexsil Silicium Articulation Liquid, & Gel & Light Leg Gel

The progress is outstanding!

“I am 63 years old and had been taking Dexsil as a preventative measure for 9 months when I had an accident this July and broke my right tibia and fibula. After 3 days I started taking the stronger form of Dexsil to promote healing and after a further week the orthopaedic surgeon was so impressed with my progress that the plaster was removed and I was given a “boot” and could walk. I could then administer the Dexsil articulation gel to my leg morning and evening and now after only 4 weeks I can bear some weight on my right leg. The progress is outstanding”

From: V.L 19:37
Fri, 27 Aug 2010

Face & Eyes & Neck Treatments

Friends are remarking about how well I look!
Hi Cara! I am sorry we never got to speak this afternoon.  Life seems to be very hectic for us all these days.
I understand from Miss Ahari that you wanted to know about the treatments I have received and the results.
I first consulted Miss Ahari in June 2008 just before my daughter's wedding.  I wanted to look my best for the day and without resorting to cosmetic surgery.  Miss Ahari felt I was not too bad considering my age (then 56) but she could make me look better.  I underwent a very intensive programme with her consisting of a non-surgical face lift using highly sophisticated equipment involving passing an electric current to lift and tighten the muscles of my neck and face, and wrinkle fillers using very concentrated masks containing fresh collagen and serums, the names of which I cannot remember!  I have remained with her ever since. Miss Ahari is very experienced and knowledgeable in her  field and is constantly looking for new cutting edge treatments and skin care products to offer her clients.  For example she recently started cell rejuvenation using different coloured lights.  When I go on holiday I visit other beauty salons to compare the treatments they offer and they are like chalk and cheese!  They generally do not steam the face and neck to open the pores and the treatments generally last no more than 45 mins to 1 hour.  Miss Ahari's treatments last 2 hours and she offers so much more during that time.  Also, they do not have the equipment Miss Ahari has for non-surgical face lifting.  Other Beauty Salons are much more expensive for far less content.  The beauty therapists are generally young girls who do not have the breadth of Miss Ahari's knowledge.  Whatever the treatment I have received from Miss Ahari I can see how much better I look in terms of freshness and a toned face and neck.  Friends are remarking how well I look and when we were in the USA recently a friend thought I was younger than her (we are the same age).

From: Mrs E. T
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Face & Eyes & Neck Treatments

The best beautician I have ever consulted!

I first started to attend the Princess Soraya beauty clinic in 2004
. I am a married woman in my middle sixties and due to nature and smoking I felt my facial skin was loosing its elasticity. Ms Ahari proposed several treatments to improve lines and texture. Through using the facial lift and wrinkle reducing treatments my skin is now in great condition, which people constantly compliment me on. I recently started chroma light which is improving the inner collagen layer of my face improving sagging. All the treatments have reduced the ageing that my skin was showing. She is a most caring, kind person. The best beautician i have ever consulted.

From: Ms C. V
28 Oct 2010:



From: Ms C. V
25th Apr 2011:

Face & Eyes & Neck Treatments

Dear Firouzeh,

Thankyou very much for taking such good care of me.
I really appreciate it and I feel wonderful every time I leave your place. May you be blessed.
Love. Christa

Dear Firouzeh ,
Thank you for the care and eductaion that you provide during my time with you at Princess Soraya Salon. You always greet me with a lovely smile and make me feel at home. I am very glad that I found Princess Soraya's salon when I did, because I now not only realise the importance of following a proper regime for keeping my skin clean and hydrated, but I also understand that I am different from any other and you provide the information for my particular skin type.

You introduced me to the products I need and you explain exactly how to use each product. I feel that I truly get value for my money as I feel like a princess each time I visit your salon and that without breaking the bank!. You truly care about the whole person, listening carefully to all my worries and providing the best possible advice for my skin and my age. I will continue to return to my sessions with you at the salon as I now get many compliments on my skin and people often comment that I look younger than my age. Thank you for your advice and kindness!
Regards Christa

Mrs M.Y. Testimonial for Princess Soraya Salon

Face & Eyes & Neck Treatments

Hand written letter 31 May 2011

I have been Visiting Princess Soraya Salon since 23 Jan 2011.I have found the owner Ms Firouzeh Ahari, very conscientious, thorough in her work and caring for her clients. I recommend the treatments.

It does entail spending money on products to go along with treatments.

Most of the products are excellent. Specifically the Dexsil Silicium gel is fantastic. In summary, my skin condition has greatly improved after a very stressful time in my personal life.

"A. S" testemonial for your HOPI Treatment

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A.S of Royal Ascot Date:
8 Dec 2011

Hopi Treatment Testimonial

I recently read about Princess Soraya Salon and the “ hopi” or “Thermal Auricular Therapy” treatment she offers, thanks to some paper cutting on my reading pile left by my wife.

I received 8 sessions of “Hopi” and I must pay homage to Princess Soraya Salon Owner’s skills that I am not experiencing any of those previous eardrum itchings anymore. Additionally, my wife does not get up every morning telling me about her dreams that I had left home . Apparently “hopi” has also cured my snoring !!

Clients who have Hopi treatment, have received many health benefits and they have testimonials to prove it. Hopi does have Residue(clear yellow powder) seen after candle is opened.

The Darker lump, generally colour ranges from Light brown to orange and dark brown is Ear wax.

The proof is that after a course of Hopi, clients can hear clearly and Doctors have certified the wax is gone. Hopi has benefits in other areas as well:

--Opening , clearing Sinus problems

--Opens a blocked nose (after a cold, clients with breathing issues)

--Reducing and overcoming Vertigo, being Dizzy.It balances the liquid

in the inner ear, therefore overcomes Dizzy spells.

--Reduces ringing tone in ears.

--Allows client to smell better and taste food better, If they have problems in this area.

--Reduces stress, headache and pressure in head.

--Calming and relaxing treatment.


From: Mrs E T

Dexsil Treatment: Ionocinesis Machine for Detox & Arthritis pain

I have been a smoker for almost 45 years and I used to drink as well. I stopped the alcohol 3 years ago as a result of Acid Reflux and Pancreas issues. I continued the smoking. I have done 12 sessions of Liver, Kidney, Colon and pancreas Detox Using Dexsil Bio activated Silicium liquid in IonoCinesis machine. Each time I finished the treatment, I saw the toxins that came out and I felt lighter, calmer and my digestion started working better. This treatment pushes the Silicium liquid into the digestive system and balances any digestion, constipation, acidity, pain in the body.

How Does Ionocinesis Work?
This gentle treatment consists of applying 2 small electrodes, which are then connected to a special electrical generator. The generator produces low intensity ( non-toxic) regulated electric fields in combination with Bio Activated Organic Silicium as a conducting solution.

The body becomes a conductor of the electrical current; a movement of ions is then activated by this current. Positive or negative ions can be removed or introduced in the body, and each organ can be deeply and directly stimulated to detoxify. You lie down and relax during the application, which generally lasts only 30 to 60 minutes. A slight sensation may be noticed but it is not painful. The toxins eliminated can be seen when the application ends, and there is a general feeling of well being afterwards.

From: M. M Surrey’’

Products used: Dexsil Sports Articulation Gel & Articulation Liquid

Dear Sir We were recently given a cream made by Dexsil Laboratories by a member of a Bridge Holiday Group in Menorca , who are friends of yours and have several of your products. This was applied to a damaged knee, (running into a post) and the pain immediately improved and the knee was fine the next day. I would very much like to have some tubes of this cream, at least two and would very much appreciate if you send me some. We were told this product was especially made for joints. Hoping that you will be able to let me have some. Yours sincerely

From : Mrs N.S.
21st April 2011

Products used: Dexsil Pigmentation Treatment, Dexsil Pigmentation Gel,
Silicium Gel & Bust Gel

Pigmentation Treatment. Dexsil Pigmentation Gel - At Princess Soraya Salon ’s suggestion I had a course of five sessions to treat pigmentation on my hands. I have found both the treatment and the Dexsil Anti-pigmentation product (which I keep using on my hands twice a day) a great help in fading my pigmentation. Although the pigmentation has not disappeared completely, my hands look a lot better, almost as though someone had used a rubber on the pigmented areas. I am happy with both the treatment and the product.

From: Ms L.G

Products Used: Dexsil Articulation liquid, Articulation Gel, Peau, Silicium Gel

I have severe arthritis in my knees and have recently had an operation on my shoulder.
I have been drinking the bio-activated organic silicium articulation liquid and using the gel since November.
My knees have been less stiff and my shoulder has recovered much quicker than my doctor anticipated.
The scar on my shoulder has also healed very well. I am very pleased with the results from using these products and would highly recommend them.

From: Mr O.S
June, 2012

DEXSIL-VITASIL PRODUCTS USED: Silicium Liquid,Silicium Gel, Bust Gel

Dear Firouzeh I have been using your sample Dexsil Silicium gel and I would like to know what is the P&P for the gel as I would like to buy your gel . I have found that it instantly firms the skin . I am using it every day and I can see a difference ! I am also interested to purchase the Dexsil Silicium drink . Since I have been using the Dexsil Silicium gel, many people have commented that I " look well " ! Someone today thought I had Botox !! After using the Dexsil Silicium drink for one week I have noticed that the inflammation on my gum has gone and my teeth are shinning. The scar on my upper lip caused by hot wax has disappeared too. I tried both of Germaine De Capuccni products;the pearl and the timexpert emulsion .I prefer the time expert emulsion and time expert concentrate . Combined with the silicium, I have NO need to use any make up at all. My face is glowing, tight, up lifted, and looks very fresh.Therefore , the combination of these products work well for ME,


Everyone has commented on my skin ! Today I went to the hairdresser and while the owner was washing my hair. she said that my hair was in very good condition and that it had become much " thicker " I told her I am taking silicium and explained to her, She was very interested and I gave her your email address to enquire and perhaps purchase the drink .


From: Mrs A.B
Friday, 6 May, 2011, 21:32


I will be delighted to attend plus if you want I can endorse the products as a testimonial to my achievements in helping me to achieve my running goals injury free. Happy to give a 10 minute talk on my training when I use the product how it helps.

My times are falling, and I have no injuries or training hold ups. I can push myself further and faster without the worry of long term damage to joints.

I look forward to hearing from you soon, I will also need to place an order for Silicium and light legs (Vita Sil)

I ran a split marathon over last weekend at around 3h 30mins and I can go faster, I achieved an under 6 minute mile in training this week.

Kind regards

From: O. S


My mother has been visiting " Princess Soraya salon " for over a year . I left home to study abroad and when I returned , I realised that my mother looked much younger and her skin was glowing .
As a result , I asked her advice on face creams for my acne and combination skin problem . She bought me the " BOUTONS " silicium clear gel among other creams from the Salon .
Within a very short period of time , my acne on my cheeks subsided and the redness turned pink . I have only been using the products for 10 days , however have seen a stark difference in my skin texture . It is more even , less oily , less red and the spots are disappearing slowly .
At last , I found a gel that really works !

From: J.G


Dear Miss Ahari,

Thank you so much for all your help. As a man, I was apprehensive to undergo a skin improvement course but your professional approach using amazing products has helped transform my skin from having frequent breakouts to looking very clear to the point of me getting compliments. The Dexil spot gel is very effective & refreshing and is great for clearing up spots and preventing scars. I would thoroughly recommend you as a professional with your excellent procedures, proactive approach and amazing products producing very satisfactory visible results.


From: H.S

Dexsil: IonoCinesis Machine for Face

"I have recently had a course of Ionocinesis for pigmentation on my face. Previously I had tried many therapies but a combination of age and sun damage left me with stubborn dark pigmentation. A course of Ionocinecis plus Dexsil Silicium products, has resulted in plumper skin and a more uniform colour leaving a fresher and younger complexion. I am thrilled with the results."



We can use IonoCinesis for Face: Increase Hydration, reduce/prevent wrinkles, overcome pigmentation, firm the skin and improve Elastin/Collagen amount in skin.


Remove toxins from Liver, Kidney, Reduce cellulite, overcome water retention, overcome constipation, help with digestion and help body function properly. How Does Ionocinesis Work? This gentle treatment consists of applying 2 small electrodes, which are then connected to a special electrical generator. The generator produces low intensity (non-toxic) regulated electric fields in combination with Bio Activated Organic Silicium as a conducting solution. The body becomes a conductor of the electrical current; a movement of ions is then activated by this current. Positive or negative ions can be removed or introduced in the body, and each organ can be deeply and directly stimulated to detoxify. You lie down and relax during the application, which generally lasts only 30 to 60 minutes. A slight sensation may be noticed but it is not painful. The toxins eliminated can be seen when the application ends, and there is a general feeling of well being afterwards.

From: M.S


Hi Firouzeh,

Apologies for the delay but I had to ask our editorial team to send it to me. Feel like you're in need of a bit of a detox? Hampstead's Princess Soraya Salon is one of only a few UK venues to offer the unusual ionocinesis therapy. Interested in finding out what happens when the body is used to conduct low voltage electrical fields, I went along as a guinea pig. Luckily, I made it through the experience in one piece – and even rather enjoyed myself. Here's a peek at how I got on...

The venue

From the moment I entered Princess Saraya Salon, I felt that I was in trusted hands. And that's really how I felt the entire time I was with the owner, Ms Ahari. She seems to know more about the science behind beauty than anyone I've met - her passion and interest is totally addictive. I'd trust her implicitly with my face and body, which is the biggest recommendation I could give! That's what you look for in a therapist, and that's what you get from Ms Ahari - decades of expertise and a passion which have led her to work with some exciting products, including Silicium and the ionocinesis process. The treatment

Combining low voltage electrical currents with a liquid Silicium supplement, ionocinesis aims to detoxify and rebalance - and is said to have a positive effect on digestion, acidity and general pain. Similar to an ionic foot bath, this therapy reportedly works by activating the body's negative and positive ions - which in turn help to rebalance the cellular membrane and detoxify the organs. Sounded pretty good to me...
The treatment involved Ms Ahari placing electrodes on my face and back and turning on the electric current (with a protective pad in between). Ms Ahari can talk about the process for hours - she explained that the current was pushing the Silicium into my body, with the aim of detoxifying my system and making me glow. She also told me more about Silicium and how it is said to work from the inside out, helping to generate collagen - which of course is what keeps us looking young, smooth and beautiful. Whilst the ionocinesis was taking place, I had the most amazing hydrating and cleansing facial – it left my skin feeling plump, soft and glowing for ages afterwards! The result

At the end of the treatment, the pad turned yellow – this is supposed to be a physical indication of detoxification. After my visit, I was so sold on Silicium that I had to buy a supply of it for myself to bring home. I've started drinking it every day, and have really felt the benefits to my skin, nails and hair. I can't wait for my next treatment - I did feel a difference after the first one, so I'm really excited about the difference my next ones will make. Want to give this unusual treatment a go? Visit the ionocinesis page to read more about the therapy, or visit the Princess Soraya Salon page for details of offers and packages.

Dr H.K


Hi Firouzeh,

Busy as ever, but with regard to your products, we can only say that the product Boutons had a +ve effect on my daughter's acne spots. I understand the thrust behind the science, however no adverse effects anyway. Unable to attend your show.....too many commitments myself.

Dr H K

From:Mrs E.T


I have been using the Dexsil-Vitasil Bust gel for 3 years on neck,chest and Bust area. It visibly, firms the skin on these areas, creates a Lift and When used regularly, the Lift is permanent. It is the Best Neck, Chect , Bust gel on the market. I would be extremely upset if it was to be withdrawn. It has a pleasant smell and goes on easily. A first class product.

From: Mrs V.L


"I really love the Buste cream and am very upset to learn that it is being withdrawn from Dexsil's range of body products because of its aroma when it is first appllied. I find the smell quite pleasant and have no problem. What am i meant to use in its place? I hope Dexsil decides to bring it back into their range."

From: Mrs E. T

The best beautician i have ever consulted!

I first started to attend the Princess Soraya beauty clinic in 2004. I am a married woman in my middle sixties and due to nature and smoking I felt my facial skin was loosing its elasticity. Ms Ahari proposed several treatments to improve lines and texture. Through using the facial lift and wrinkle reducing treatments my skin is now in great condition, which people constantly compliment me on. I recently started chroma light which is improving the inner collagen layer of my face improving sagging. All the treatments have reduced the ageing that my skin was showing. She is a most caring, kind person. The best beautician i have ever consulted, Thank you for the care and eductaion that you provide..

From: Mrs J.G


"I am a great believer in this product. It really does keep the neck and bust area youthful. By my age (65) this area could easily look crepy and saggy, but mine doesn't. I put this down to using Dexsil Buste morning and night. When I don’t use it, I immediately notice the difference more sag! I have never noticed or in any way been bothered by the smell."

From: L.G

DEXSIL VITASIL PRODUCTS USED: Peau (skin) gel , Articulasil liquid & gel

I have used dexsil Peau Huid Skin after an operation on my shoulder and after an accident to my nose. The cream is fantastic at reducing scar appearance. It reduces redness and heals the skin quicker than normal. I have also used Articulation Joints body gel for arthritis of my knee and shoulder. It is good for easing pain and giving flexibility and movement to stiff joints.

Great products.

Thank you

From: Mrs L.V
28 November,
2012 9:39

Testimonial about Meder Wrinkle Prevention treatment:

I have very delicate, thin skin and my "weakness" is expression lines around my mouth. I have always been wary of Botox, so when Princess Soraya told me about a new course of treatment, Meder, which has been developed by a swiss doctor, and has a similar effect to Botox, but in a much safer and non-invasive way, I was very keen to try it. I have had one course and am now on a monthly maintenance. I am absolutely delighted that my expression lines are very much reduced. I can highly recommend it as an alternative to Botox.

Best wishes

From: J.R

Testimonial about Meder Wrinkle Prevention treatment:

I have been going to Princess Soraya salon for almost 3 years and I have Non Surgical Lift, Wrinkle Filler, treatments for Dark Circle under eyes, Wrinkle Prevention Meder. I have seen fantastic results from all treatments. Mucles are firm and lifted, Skin is hydrated and wrinkle free. I particularly love the Meder Wrinkle Prevntion for its amazing results on all the face, neck. It slows down the movement of muscles. It does not stop the muscles from moving. Face looks natural and youthful. Wrinkles will not form as muscles don't move as much as original.

From: K.H


Dear Firouzeh,

Wish you&Garnet a very Happy&prosperous New Year 2013! Hope that you are enjoying your well-deserved holidays in Budapest. Thanks a lot for the lovely christmas gifts from Princess Soraya Salon, much appreciated. May I also seize this opportunity to express my sincere thanks to Princess Soraya Salon for transforming my skin and making me feel good as well as valued. My skin has never been so clean before! Hopefully, we'll be able to tackle most of the pigmentation problem this year,:-).

Hello Mrs Firouzeh,

I hope that you're keeping well. I have been getting many compliments about my skin this week, all thanks to you! I also referred one of the customers (lady of chinese origin) to you and your website, since she really wanted result-driven products to improve the condition of her skin.

From: K.H


My quest for a reliable salon in London where I could entrust my sensitive, acne-prone skin began in October 2011, shortly after the successful completion of my MSc in Biomedical Sciences and Molecular Science Research degree and just before my trip to my home country, i.e, Mauritius. The recent stress which I had experienced was being clearly reflected through the state of my skin, definitely not the condition in which I wanted to meet my relatives after 1.5 years. After some thorough research on the internet, Princess Soraya Salon was the one which struck me through its variety of treatments available for acne, the testimonials of other clients and the reasonable prices. However, I must admit that I was quite baffled on reading the description about the various machinery employed during treatments at Princess Soraya Salon, something which I had clearly not contemplated for my 27 year old skin. Besides, several of the terminologies used on the Princess Soraya website such as electric field, bio-activated organic silicium products by Dexsil-Vitasil laboratory and cytokines seemed to be coming straight from my biochemical course material! Intrigued and hesitant, I decided to test the facial treatment at Princess Soraya salon . I received a friendly welcome on my first visit and Mrs Firouzeh, the beauty therapist, was definitely well-versed in skincare. I was happy with the whole treatment and also received advice on products which would suit my condition. I had enough time for 2 more facial treatments before the scheduled date of my flight, but that was sufficient for Mrs Firouzeh to transform my skin! The Germaine de Capuccini products were highly result-driven, unlike the other expensive brands which I had been using desperately before. Needless to say, I received many compliments about the improved appearance of my skin in Mauritius. I am satisfied with my treatments at Princess Soraya Salon so much so that I don't mind commuting from Croydon to Finchley road station for my regular treatments. I thoroughly enjoy the fact that Princess Soraya Salon always endeavours to share the knowledge behind the products and treatments offered through reliable, peer-reviewed sources such as research papers and is open to either answer or find a proper answer to any questions which clients have.

From: Mrs E.M T

Testimonial Dexsil-Vitasil Products for Osteoprosis, Healing Wounds,Reduction Of Inflamation

I am a 69 year old female and I was diagnosed with osteoporosis, acid reflux, pancreatic issues following removal of my gallbladder, and joint pain. I have been a smoker since I was in my mid-twenties. You can imagine my horror when I was further diagnosed with breast cancer. My medical specialists all agreed that I should undergo a partial mastectomy together with a lympectomy, followed by radiotherapy. Treatment for the osteoporosis would be undertaken at a later stage. I started taking Dexsil-Vitasil Bio-activated Organic Silicium Articulations with MSM, Glucosamine, Chondroitin supplement when I was first diagnosed with the osteoporosis and I found it was also an excellent product for the relief of my joint pain. I was operated on for the breast cancer and had a course of radiotherapy which was successful and I am now in remission. I continued taking the Articulations product to overcome inflammation and heal the surgery wounds. I was also using Silicium Gel to build collagen and hydrate and plump up the skin. I felt good and happy during this difficult time and I received many compliments on how well I looked. This was very helpful as I was fighting cancer and had I looked ill, it would have affected my morale and the cancer would have destroyed me.

Three days after I had received the good news about my cancer, I went for a gyneacology check-up and was told that I would have to be admitted to hospital once again to have a small polyp removed from my womb. To my relief tests confirmed the polyp was non-cancerous. A few months later bone density tests were carried out as I had previously undergone the radiotherapy treatment. They were amazed to find that my bone density results were at the top end of the scale without any prescribed medication. The tests were repeated several times and all results confirmed the initial findings. I put this down to my taking the Dexsil-Vitasil Silicium Range of Articulations product.

I have been so impressed with the Dexsil-Vitasil range of products that I use them consistently for the face (Silicium Gel,) neck and chest (Buster Gel), pigmentation ( AntiTaches), joints (Articulations Liquid and Gel), muscle (Sport Gel), broken veins (Vein Gel), snoring (Breathing Gel), circulation (Light Legs Gel), post-operative stitches (Peau Gel), slimming (Silhouette Gel)

I would highly recommend these products to anyone as I honestly believe they have played a very large part my recovery from the many serious medical conditions I have suffered from over the last few years.

Date: 17th July 2013
From: Dr.C.M. (Retired Dental Surgeon) BDS (U.Lond); LDSRCS (Eng); MBA (SBU.Lond); Dip.HSM; MIHM; CPE (Postgrad Law).

Products Used: Dexsil-Vitasil Articlasil Liquid & gel

PROBLEMS: Eye sight issues , Joint Pain, Toe Verruca, Wrinkles & Dehydrated Skin

Dear Firouzeh,

I just wanted to let you know that after two years of taking ArticulaSil liquid and noticing the benefits myself, I was convinced that my mother (now 89 years of age) should also try it. Previously, she had been reluctant to take anything new as she has a very delicate constitution and is easily upset by most medications and supplements. She has a complex medical history and amongst other things she suffers from IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). However, about a year ago, I eventually managed to persuade her to try it, and she began taking it occasionally at first then gradually building it up daily as recommended by you (i.e. 3 capfuls a day for the first week to build up the levels, and then maintain with 1 capful daily thereafter). A few months ago, she told me that she has had no upsets or adverse effects from it whatsoever. These days, she is very enthusiastic and always reminds me to get her a replacement bottle when hers is running low. The interesting thing is that since taking it, not only have her joint pains reduced, but she told me something which was completely unexpected. Since childhood, she has been very short sighted (myopic) and worn thick glasses, but about 35 years ago, she suffered a retinal detachment and in later years, she also suffered from glaucoma. However, about 6 months ago she noticed that she was able to distinguish her living room clock face dial more clearly, whereas previously she could only clearly see the central clock face area. She also told me that when she had a recent eye test, her optician examined her eyes and mentioned that he noticed that her eyesight had improved. My mother still has most of her wits about her, and considering her advanced age, she is quite aware of the world and her condition. I therefore have no reason to believe anything other than the fact that she has genuinely noticed the improvement.

I have been so impressed with the Dexsil-Vitasil range of products that I use them consistently for the face (Silicium Gel,) neck and chest (Buster Gel), pigmentation ( AntiTaches), joints (Articulations Liquid and Gel), muscle (Sport Gel), broken veins (Vein Gel), snoring (Breathing Gel), circulation (Light Legs Gel), post-operative stitches (Peau Gel), slimming (Silhouette Gel)

For my own part, since taking ArticulaSil Liquid orally for the last 2 years, I have noticed that the joint pains in my hands, knees and feet have almost completely gone, and that the tone and texture of my skin has also improved. To my surprise, a large painful verruca which I had on the big toe/foot joint for many years went away a few months ago without the need for laser treatment I was scheduled to have. In itself, that may not sound remarkable because verrucae do often disappear spontaneously, but my history is that they have never gone away in the past without surgical intervention of some sort.

I realise that my account and that of my mother is anecdotal and subjective, but having had a clinical scientific and practitioner background I have now studied some of the literature on the role of Silicium and in my own mind, there is no doubt that the Dexsil-Vitasil Silicium ArticulaSil Liquid and gel are superb products and well worth every penny I have spent on it. In fact, I always buy a few extra bottles in case I run out and so that I can give it to my mother, my friends, or other relatives whom I can convince to try it out. All of those to whom I have introduced it have been appreciative and mentioned some benefit.

With my best wishes

Dr.C.M. (Retired Dental Surgeon)
BDS (U.Lond); LDSRCS (Eng); MBA (SBU.Lond); Dip.HSM; MIHM; CPE (Postgrad Law).

Date: 12 AUG 2013


Hi, Princess Soraya Salon, thankyou very much for Meder facial today. My partner, noticed the difference and said my face was glowing. An outsider, notices much more and my partner, does not even know what you have done. He thinks its the Usual facial I have every 2 weeks. This Meder Arma Lift facial, shows itself more as days go on. Three people have commented that my skin is glowing and I look very well. All these comments are after the first treatment, imagine how many complements I will get after I do the course of the 5 facials!!!
Thank you

Date: 21 OCT 2013

TESTIMONIAL: Dexsil Vitasil: Articulation & Silicium Liquid

I am very interested in obtaining your Articularsil with MSM, condroitin, glucosamine, and silicium. Please advise if you have an Australian agent, if not I would be most interested in marketing it in this country. I obtained a bottle while visiting England recently and it is amazing.

Date: 3 NOV 2013

TESTIMONIAL: Dexsil Vitasil: Articulasil Liquid ,Articulasil Gel MSM,Chondroitin

I fell and broke my right wrist and dislocated my right hip in June of this year. I did the rounds of the chiropractors and osteopaths, lived on Paracetamol and Ibuprophen for months. I hobbled around in agony, it seemed that there was nothing that would relieve me from the pain.

I happened to go in to the local Health food store and spoke to the owner who was taking ArticulaSil for her muscle pain. She had just returned from climbing Kilimanjaro and said that ArticulaSil Liquid & gel had helped her.

I felt the benefit from taking ArticulaSil almost immediately, at least after the first week. I can walk normally now. Beside the hip pain I had fingers that had 'locked' and wouldn't straighten. After 2 months of taking the product my hands are back to being fully functional. I still have a bit of pain from the arthritis in my wrist but this is relieved with use of the Organic Silicium MSM/glucosamine/chondroitine gel.
I will continue with the product because it has made an enormous difference to my well being.
I am 66 years old, I work as a palliative care nurse. I am on my feet 12 to 14 hour days and will always be grateful to have found ArticulaSil Liquid and gel,to help keep me well.

with regards,
Elspeth Farrell

FROM: Mrs. V.L.
Date: 7 NOV 2013

TESTIMONIAL: Dexsil Vitasil: Articulation & Silicium Liquid

Earlier this year I fell on some loose wooden planks and scraped both shins very badly, sustaining nasty scabs and bruising. My lower legs are very thin and there is very little flesh between the skin and the bone. I applied Dexsil Vitasil Peau gel, a few times a day for several weeks. Now there are barely any visible marks. I am delighted not to be left with any nasty scars! In addition, very recently I had a few dermal fillers around my mouth. I have very delicate skin on my face. The injections left me with bruising. Following Princess Soraya's advice I applied a lot of Peau gel to the bruised area and the bruising disappeared within a few days. Dexsil Vitasil Peau gel is fantastic!