The   P r i n c e s s  S o r a y a  Salon
Specialising in Health & Body Treatments

Vitamins & Herbal Supplements



Spanish range started in 1964, using various vitamins,plant extracts and
Bio Technology .They are Number 1 professional range in Italy and Spain.
The company maintains an ongoing programme of research to ensure continuity
Of excellence of products.

Germaine use the “Swan” logo as their mark to resemble purity and beauty.
The products are effective and produce results. Clients can visibly see and
Feel the difference the products and treatments make to their needs.

There are a variety of Professional treatments to treat various needs.
From: Lifting, Wrinkle Fillers, Oxygen Therapy,
In Depth Hydration,Treating Acne
and Overcoming Pigmentation.

There is a fantastic range of Professional Body Treatments: Slimming,
Firming,Relaxing,Bust and Neck lifting.