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Want to De -Toxify Your body, using Ionocinesis ?
Using the latest technology - Only £89 for 1 hour!

  • Detox of: Liver, Kidney, Colon and Pancreas and a reduction in Cellulite!
  • Ionocinesis is a revolutionary new technique to gently detoxify the body. It uses a mild and painless electrical field applied to the skin, together with Bio-Activated Organic Silicium. Used in European hospitals and top spas, It is completely safe and non-invasive and the most effective detox procedure available. Read Treatment details here

Back Catiovital Treatment - £89
  • Deeply cleanses, relaxes the skin on the back. Treats Acne and Black Spots on the back .
  • Recommended once a month.

Bust Lift Professional Treatment - £89

  • Micro current lifts and firms the bust muscles. Galvanic current allows the firming products to penetrate deeply into the tissue.
  • Using Firming Thermal Mask,the Bust area is Firmer by 86%. Immediate results are visible.

Body Non Surgical Lift Professional - £95

  • Dead Skin is exfoliated first. Using Warm and Cold Volcanic stones and Aromatherapy oils the body is massaged deeply.
  • Anti cellulite gel is absorbed by the tissues with the aid of GalvanicCurrent in order to break down the fat and cellulite The body is wrapped in a firming,lifting mask which allows minerals and vitamins to be absorbed by the skin..
  • Results are noticeable after 3 sessions. The treatment solves a number of problems: firming, slimming,relaxation, circulation and Lymphatic Drainage.

Slendertone Treatment - £25
for 30 minutes

  • Using Electric Pads the muscles are toned and it really reduces inches. A course of 6 treatments is recommended.

Stone Therapy, Aromatherapy Massage - £69 for 90 minutes

  • Exfoliating the body with dead sea salts allows the oils to penetrate the skin deeper. Using Volcanic basalt stones, Aromatherapy oils the whole body, hands, feet,head, shoulders,chest is treated with special technique . The lymph is drained and the circulation is improved. The head is cleared from: blockage, migraine, sinus and stress. This treatment improves: muscular pain, arthritis, rheumatism, constipation, and allows the brain to work more effectively and improves concentration. The technique works on the soul and body. This totally balancing and holistic treatment leaves you in the most peaceful state you have ever experienced.

Back and Neck Massage - £35 for 30 minutes

  • Deep massage for head, neck and back

Electronic Massage - £35 for 30 minutes

  • Using Electric G5 to loosen muscles, improve circulation, Lymph drainage. Helps break down celllulite.

Body Salt scrub for any body treatment - £15

  • Using Dead sea salt to exfoliate dead skin and improve circulation