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Chroma Light Therapy
Cell Rejuvenation, Skin Tightening
ONLY £89 for 2 hours

An innovative treatment for tightening the skin, rejuvenating the cells of face, neck, eyes and body.
The machine has 4 different lights with different speeds.

USING BLUE LIGHT: Reduce Swelling, ease insomnia, calm allergy & Acne, and eliminate toxins, Help headache & fever, Antiseptic & Antibacterial
USING GREEN LIGHT: Relax muscles, help Lymph Flow, relieve fever, strengthen immune & Endocrine systems, reduce wrinkles, reduce and fade skin pigmentation and Freckles,
USING RED LIGHT: Cell Rejuvenation, Activate & improve the function of immune and lymphatic System, decrease inflammation, great for Eczema

USING YELLOW LIGHT: Anti-aging, smooth skin, produce more collagen, toning muscles